Cold starters
Parma ham rolls filled with ricotta, garden rocket, toasts CZK 65.00
Smoked salmon laid on a variety of lettuce leaves, honey and mustard sauce, toasts CZK 75.00
Tartar steak made of salmon, a toast with thyme salsa CZK 85.00
Beef Carpaccio with Parmesan chips, toasts CZK 95.00

Strong beef bouillon with noodles and liver balls CZK 38.00
Daily offer CZK 35.00

Warm starters
Toasts with asparagus CZK 45.00
A tomato, bacon and Emmentaler cheese au gratin, toasts CZK 55.00
Grilled duck liver with cognac, raisins and glazed shallots, toasts CZK 75.00

Steaks and fillets
200 g Chicken fillet CZK 130.00
200 g Pork fillet mignon CZK 145.00
150 g Tartar beefsteak, 4 pcs of garlic toasts CZK 180.00
200 g Steak of Czech origin CZK 195.00
300 g Rump steak CZK 230.00
300 g Argentinean steak CZK 290.00
Sauces and dips
Sauces: Pepper, wild mushrooms, cheese, cranberry, wild cherry sauce CZK 25.00
Dips: Garlic and sour cream, BBQ (barbeque), sweet chilli, dill dip CZK 20.00
Our specialities (the prices include side dishes)
Side dish can be changed at a customer´s wish.
150 g Chicken fillets, wild mushrooms and cream sauce, potatoes baked on rosemary CZK 145.00
200 g Chicken fillets with Camembert cheese au gratin, served on grilled vegetable CZK 155.00
150 g Chicken noodles in cheese sauce, served on spinach gnocchi CZK 155.00
200 g Chicken breast stuffed with dried tomatoes and olives, potato cake (potatoes au gratin) CZK 160.00
150 g Mildly piquant mixture of meats (sirloin, fillet mignon, chicken), fresh vegetables, rice CZK 160.00
200 g Pork fillet mignon filled with ricotta and Parma ham, mashed potatoes CZK 175.00
150 g Marinated meat on a skewer, sweet chilli sauce (sirloin, pork fillet mignon, chicken meat), served on green beans CZK 180.00
200 g Fillet of salmon with vegetable couscous CZK 185.00
300 g Soft duck breast, wild cherry sauce, mashed potatoes CZK 230.00
150 g Tournedos Tyrolienne (fillets of sirloin, roasted tomatoes, onion rings), spinach gnocchi CZK 235.00
600 g Meat platter Caramell style (beef, chicken, pork), grilled vegetables, four types of sauces – for 2 persons CZK 450.00

Fresh fish
200 g Cod in almond crust CZK 140.00
250 g Trout made on butter (+ extra charge for higher weight 10 g/ CZK 6.00) CZK 145.00
250 g Trout on tomatoes and garlic (+extra charge for higher weight 10 g/CZK 6.00) CZK 155.00
200 g Salmon laid on spinach leaves CZK 165.00
200 g Norwegian halibut without bones, lemon pepper, young peas, horseradish CZK 175.00
Vegetarian dishes
Potatoes au gratin, cream, wild mushrooms, spinach, coated in cheese CZK 95.00
150 g Choice of fried cheeses (Czech type of Camembert, smoked Edam, Edam), potatoes, tartar sauce CZK 105.00
Courgette au gratin, Roquefort, potatoes CZK 110.00
Cream risotto, dried tomatoes, olives, wild mushrooms, pine nuts, Parmesan chips CZK 125.00

Child dishes
100 g Chicken burgher served in toasted bun, fresh vegetables, chips CZK 85.00
100 g Chicken fillets fried in breadcrumbs, potatoes CZK 90.00
100 g Chicken breast au gratin, ham, cheese, chips CZK 95.00

Large salads (served with a garlic baguette)
Insalata Caprese (mozzarella lettuce, tomatoes, basil pesto), toasts CZK 89.00
Mediterranean platter (tomatoes, anchovy, green beans) CZK 95.00
Web lettuce, choice of cheeses, slices of fresh pear, raisins, nuts and honey dressing CZK 98.00
Mixed vegetable salad, tuna, onion CZK 110.00
Pasta salad, vegetables, ham, cheese CZK 115.00
Greek salad with olives, marinated feta CZK 120.00
Caesar salad, bacon, chicken breast and herbal croutons CZK 125.00
Choice of lettuces, marinated salmon, yoghurt-herbal dressing CZK 135.00

Small salads
Mixed vegetable salad CZK 40.00
Mixed vegetable and feta cheese CZK 45.00
Side dishes
4 pcs Fried garlic bread CZK 18.00
Boiled potatoes CZK 25.00
Stewed rice CZK 25.00
Potato cake (potatoes au gratin) CZK 30.00
Potatoes baked on rosemary CZK 30.00
Mashed potatoes, young onions, leeks, bacon CZK 35.00
Fried Parisian potatoes CZK 30.00
Steak chips CZK 30.00
Belgian potato cuts in jacket, flavoured with salt and pepper CZK 30.00
Garlic baguette (and herbal-garlic butter) CZK 30.00
Spinach gnocchi CZK 30.00
Grilled vegetables CZK 35.00
Green beans, bacon, onions CZK 39.00
Nibbles to go with wine
Salty crisps CZK 30.00
100 g Peanuts CZK 20.00
60 g Cashew nuts CZK 28.00
50 g Pistachio nuts CZK 30.00
60 g Roasted almonds CZK 35.00
Marinated olives CZK 45.00
250 g Choice of cheeses (Czech type of Camembert, Edam, smoked cheese, Czech type of Roquefort, Parmesan) CZK 145.00

Desserts, sundaes and fruit specialities
Caramel dessert CZK 49.00
Cottage cheese dessert CZK 45.00
Tiramisu CZK 55.00
Cake with fruit and jelly CZK 49.00
Hot home-made apple strudel, vanilla sauce CZK 42.00
Ice-cream sundae, fresh fruits, whipped cream CZK 55.00
Pancakes (2 pcs) with forest fruit, sauce (caramel, chocolate or fruit), whipped cream CZK 60.00
Pancakes (2 pcs) with forest fruit, ice-cream, whipped cream CZK 65.00
Fresh pineapple caramelized on cane sugar, served with pistachio ice-cream, a leaf of mint CZK 75.00
Banana coated in caramel or chocolate, nuts and whipped cream CZK 55.00
Pear grilled in brandy CZK 65.00
Fruit and chocolate fondue - for 2-4 persons CZK 175.00
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